Yacht Management

Yachting, yachts... do you feel a sensation of joy when you hear these words? This means that yachts and yachtings represent a passion for you and you can’t get enough of it. Whether if you are a yacht owner or you are a part of a yachting crew, the yacht management is a very important part for both sides.

If you are here this means that you want to learn more about the yacht management and how it works. The yacht management team works along with the owner, captain and the crew. The aim of this type of management is enhancing the experience of yacht ownership for the clients. The yacht management offers support, security to finances accounting, it manages all elements of operational support for your yach so you can take these issues of your mind.

This job means that we, as professionals, must be prepared at any moment for any type of problem or emergency. The services of yacht management are made to provide a comprehensive range of services to maximise the owner’s enjoyment of his yacht, minimisng the risks and liabilities associated with yacht ownership. The management team has to control the costs of yacht operations and protect the significat capital investment that a yacht represents. Don’t think that if you have a yacht or more you can deal with all the problems and the issues alone. You need a management team that will know exaclty what to do in case of a problem, or just to be there with a professional advice.

The yacht management part it is a fine form of quality „blend” between practical seagoing experience, financial acumen and sound commercial management. This perfect combination assures the best results for our customers.

Our personnel is a good and working team, ready to pay attention to all the details regarding the glamorous details regarding the yachting experience. We know how stressful and annoying this situation might be sometimes for a yacht owner. Our mission is to make this experience of stress free and enjoyable for you. Up next you will find another article about the yachts operations management.

Operations Management

Do you own a superyachts?? Do you love these luxurious „big boats” that offer only the exquisite services and the best care for everybody who works or just lived on its aboard. We are focusing on offering our services to a wide range people, all the yachts owners who want to improve their business and not worring anymore.

The yacht operational management is focussed on fulfilling all of our owners’ expectations. We work closely with owners, their captains and crew to make sure the yacht oprates a uts full potential at all times. We want to successfully meet the requirement of modern yachting.

Operational management overview:

  • Financial management & budget forecasting
  • Arranging Dockage around the world
  • Arranging Bunkering services around the World
  • Crew manahement
  • Class and flag compliance
  • Insurance
  • Tehnical management
  • Operational management
  • Quality assurance & crew training
  • New construction project management, refits & conversions

A luxury yacht operates in an exclusive and complex environment that is global in nature.

The Moran Yacht Management team has sailed to many, if not all, of the destinations that yachts are likely to travel to. Our knowledge and experience helps us provide your yacht and crew with invaluable first-hand expertise. There are many facets of running a yacht. Our extensive network of proven contractors, shipping agents, fuel suppliers, travel agents, parts suppliers, shipyards, port officials, and shipping registry officials will give your yacht and crew the resources it needs to run efficiently.

The operations management is taking care of almost everything that takes place on a yacht, and, In addition to supervising the day to day operation of the yacht we assist the Captain and crew in all aspects of the running of the yacht.

We love creating working relationship with the Captain and crew is one of teamwork with all parties pulling together with the common goal of ensuring that the owner is able to use and enjoy the yacht to the full. Our aim is to achieve this in the most cost effective and efficient manner. So, using the services of a company that provides you the best services, you can stau assured that your yacht is on good hands and the yacht won’t have any problem with you.

Safety and Security

Yachting is cool and great in the same time but we have to take care of some things like our safety for instance. This is very important. You have to take all technical things in count and feel safe the entire time. Even if you are using your personal yacht or you are using yachts for commercial use you have to team up with people who know about safety and security of the Yacht.

A safety and security service for your yacht it’s a must have. Think about this way: IF you run a Yacht business your customers will feel much safer knowing you offer them safety and security while using your yachting services. The same goes when you are using your personal Yacht. Just take care of your safety and have a secure adventure.

The Safety & Security Department works closely with all our Yacht Managers and other specialist departments to provide our industry leading management products to your yacht. We are providing services in-house as we believe the implementation and operation of such systems has to be fully integrated to all other areas of operation, such as technical support and crewing matters.

Working closely with the captain, crew and owner’s team.

Whether you are looking for operational assistance for a...

  • Yacht in compliance with the Passenger Yacht Code
  • Commercially registered yacht over 500GT
  • Commercial yacht of below 500GT in compliance with mini ISM and the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC)
  • Privately registered yacht of any size... our experienced team will ensure that your superyacht asset is managed and documented to a best-practice standard. From operating manuals and yacht certification monitoring to 24/7 oncall assistance, our clients are in safe hands with the expert team.
  • Fulfill the legal roles and responsibilities of the ISM 'Company' and MLC 'Shipowner', with a proactive approach to monitoring certification to ensure the yacht always remains compliant.

To protect the value of your asset, as well as ensure the safety of any guests onboard, regular maintenance periods are essential.

Maintenance comes in many forms, with key differentiations being 'preventative', 'routine' and 'breakdown'. It is vital that preventative maintenance is conducted in order to manage costs and minimise the 'down time' of the yacht.

Flag registries and classification societies will need to carry out surveys at specific points during the life of the superyacht in order to certify its seaworthiness in conjunction with regulatory and insurance compliance.