Ports of Monaco

Port Hercules

Ports of Monaco (Port Hercules, Port de la Condamine and Port de Fontvieille)

Port Hercules

Monaco is the principality of Monaco, located on the French Riviera in Western Europe. Because it is located on the French Riviera, the best way to see Monaco from the Mediterranean Sea and its gorgeous ports, you can travel by the yacht charter rental. Seeing the 3 ports with the Monaco yachts it offers great landscapes and you will obtain some great pictures. J

The first port I am going to present is Port Hercules, which is the only deep-water port in Monaco.  The port has been in use since ancient times. The modern port was completed in 1926, and underwent substantial improvements in the 1970s. The port is located in the La Condamine district. The depth of water in the harbour ranges from seven metres for standard berths and up to 40 metres for the outer piers and cruise ship docks. The Port Hercule also has a traditional market, which is the ideal place for tourists to visit.

In 2010 the Finnish manufacturer of marinas and pontoons Marinetek was hired to deliver three new pontoons to Port Hercule. Monaco’s old fixed piers were replaced by Marinetek’s floating concrete pontoons. The renovation was completed in 2011.

In 2011, Jean Michel Jarre performed a free concert in front of 85,000 spectators, to celebrate the wedding of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock.

An interesting fact about this port is that, in 1995, the harbour was used as a location in the James Bond film GoldenEye. Bond (played for the first time by Pierce Brosnan) tries to stop the villainous Xenia Onatopp (Famke Janssen) from stealing a helicopter, but she escapes when Bond is foiled by the local police who are unaware of who he is.

Port La CodaminePort La Condomine

La Codamine is the central Ward
in the principality of Monaco, which includes the Port Hercule. Condamine dates from the Middle Ages and means cultivable land. Another port we are going to talk about is Port de Fontvieille. Only fifty years ago, Fontvieille was nothing more than a narrow stretch of sand where the rock plunged into the sea. The Port of Fontvieille is certainly one of the most sheltered in the region, being protected from easterly winds by the rocks and from the southerly and westerly swell by the large sea wall, which provides protection to the entire Fontvieille area.





Port Fontvielle

PortFontvieillePort de Fontvielle was constructed, after Italian engineer Gianfranco Gilardini’s design, almost entirely on artificially reclaimed land and thus represents one of the younger parts of the principality. And Now that you found all this about the Ports of Monaco, you should visit them, but my advice is to use a yach rental because it helps you have a better view over the luxurious life on the French Riviera and on the events that take place here. Prepare yourself for a unique experience, are you ready?!nto the sea. Only fifty years ago Fontvieille was nothing more than a narrow stretch of sand whe