Grand Prix Monaco

Grand Prix Monaco

75th Grand Prix Monaco


Do you just love Monaco and you are a big fan of the Grand Prix?! If this combination is what makes your heart beat fast, this means you will absolutely adore the Monaco Grand Prix. This big event brings together some of the renowed names in the Formula 1 races.

The Monaco Grand Prix, know as the “Grand Prix de Monaco”, is a Formula One motor race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. The principality’s first Grand Prix was organised in 1929 by Antony Noghès, under the auspices of Prince Louis II, through the Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM).In that year the race was won by William Grover-Williams driving a Bugatti. Nowadays, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world and, with the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, forms the Triple Crown of Motorsport. The circuit has been called “an exceptional location of glamour and prestige” by H.S.H. Prince Rainer who awarded the first FIA Gold Medal for Motor Sport.

The race is held on a narrow course laid out in the streets of Monaco, with many elevation changes and tight corners as well as a tunnel, making it one of the most demanding tracks in Formula One. In spite of the relatively low average speeds, it is a dangerous place to race and often involves the intervention of a safety car. It is the only Grand Prix that does not adhere to theFIA‘s mandated 305-kilometre (190-mile) minimum race distance.

If you are seriously thinking about getting to see the amazing Monaco, along with the Monaco Grand Prix, in 2017 is your chance to do that. You can already book your tickets because the 75th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix will be disputed from 25/05/2017 to the 28/05/2017. This means 3 full days when you have the chance to be a part of the most expected event of the Formula One Championships.

One interesting fact about the Monaco Grand Prix is that between years 1938-1947, the Grand Prix did not take place because of economic reasons, a lack of participants and a period which was not appropriate. Then, on may 16th 1948, the competition started again, but the year after that, the race was cancelled because of the death of Prince Louis II.

The last year’s winner was the british Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes. The constructor with the most wins over the time, 15 and counting, is McLaren, on the second place (9) being Ferrari and the third (7) is took over by Mercedes and Lotus. So, pack your bags, book your flight, get the tickets, because 2017 is getting close and the Monaco Grand Prix is waiting for you. If you have the chance to see the 75th edition of the Monaco Grand Prix be sure you won’t miss it!